A numerical game design approach for progression and fairness

While playing games, players strive for victory through goals and objectives, which are determined by many factors. Skills, motivation, resources, practice, and, more important, power play a crucial role in this process. The comparison between these elements is an important game design activity to achieve a fair gameplay experience.


A game design tool based on in-game morals

There has been an on-going discussion for years on the influence of games on society. One side protests that video games stimulate aggressive behavior and normalize violence (Grossman and DeGaetano, 2014). According to this line of thought, killing (human) beings in a video game should trigger a negative reaction from…

Empowerment, deadlocks, and a small mathematical analysis

A game's economy is an internal system within a game responsible for all the mechanisms related to the game's resources [1]. In the game’s economy, the term resource is very open and comprises concepts from collectible items (such as coins) to the player’s journey itself. In general, a resource is…

A 4-Act Story of How Humanity Defeated Artificial Intelligence

Les Parau Parau, by Paul Gauguin (1891) [Source: Wikimedia Commons]

0 — Protocol: Prologue

Technology has always been a complex topic. As scientific advances developed in the form of hardware and software, advertisement and education were designed to convince us of their needs. To assure us why our households urge for vacuum cleaners, shampoos, and magnificent octopi-shaped candelabrums.

As envisioned by experts and futurologists…

Yvens Serpa

I'm a Brazilian teacher currently working at Saxion University (Enschede, NL) for CMGT. I write every day for education, programming, and as a hobby. [@yvensre]

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