Another Approach for Teaching Gameplay — Antepieces, Challenges, and Megaman X

Landscape, by T.C. Steele (1909) [from USEUM]
Antepiece with a single spike on a floating platform. [Source: Author]
A challenge in which the player must deal with the spikes. [Source: Author].
The same sequence of antepiece-piece, but with enemies instead of spikes. [Source: Author].
An example of a challenge combining spikes and enemies. [Source: Author].
Conveyor Belt Antepiece. [Source: Author].
First jump between conveyor belts. [Source: Author].
The piece. A small challenge with the conveyor belt and the enemy spawner. [Source: Author].
Challenge using previously introduced mechanics. [Source: Author].
Flame towers in action. [Source: Author].
Flame Towers and Dig Labours — the challenge piece. [Source: Author].
Press Machines in the antepiece. [Source: Author].
Piece — press machines in more problematic places and opposing conveyor belt. [Source: Author].
Dripping lava mechanic in the fourth section of the stage. [Source: Author].
Moving obstacles (Rolling Gabyool) in the fourth section of the stage. [Source: Author].
Last challenges in the stage before facing Flame Mammoth. [Source: Author].
Flamme Mammoth Fight: oil and jumping attacks. [Source: Author].
Flamme Mammoth Fight: flame projectiles. [Source: Author].

I'm a Brazilian teacher currently working at Saxion University (Enschede, NL) for CMGT. I write every day for education, programming, and as a hobby. [@yvensre]

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