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  • Yasmin Curren

    Yasmin Curren

    Driven by Creativity, Inspired by Technology. YouTuber, Game Lover, Maker of silly creations with Code and Film! https://www.youtube.com/user/yagmanx

  • Lidia Zuin

    Lidia Zuin

    Brazilian journalist, MA in Semiotics and PhD in Visual Arts. Researcher and essayist. Science fiction writer.

  • altaira


    Mediator, Writer, Human Rights Educator/Advocate, Public Speaker, Rebel, Intellectual, Nature Lover, Insatiable Learner.

  • Ryan Alpert-Lowy

    Ryan Alpert-Lowy

    Producer in the games industry. Will give advice or recommendations like candy if given the opportunity. You can follow him on Twitter @AJustConspiracy

  • Vítor M. Costa

    Vítor M. Costa

    Brazilian historian and philosopher. Nintendo Blast (PT), SUPERJUMP (EN) writer. Here, I write gaming essays about what video games are and what they can do.

  • HCI Games Group

    HCI Games Group

    We research #GamesUR, #Gamification, Social Games, #MOBAs, #Physiocom, and #EEG. Follow us @hcigamesgroup

  • Freya Holmér

    Freya Holmér

    Creator of Shapes & Shader Forge. Ex-co-founder of @NeatCorp, creators of Budget Cuts 1 & 2. Game dev generalist & educator, streaming at twitch.tv/acegikmo

  • Amy Jo Kim

    Amy Jo Kim

    Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur gamethinking.io

  • Nick Yee

    Nick Yee

  • Cody Wiesner

    Cody Wiesner

    I use my English degree and proofreading background to discuss life’s greatest joys: copy editing, language, literature, and the writing process.

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